Manufacturer: Imenco

For all situations where a controlled emergency release point is required, the Imenco SnapperTM Weak Link range provides the perfect solution in ensuring a high safety standard for your lifting operations.
The SnapperTM Weak Link is essentially a link introduced to a lifting chain, which is designed to ensure that an emergency release breaking point/value is included in the chain.
This ensures that other components/elements in the chain are protected, i.e.: costly equipment, and/or where safety due to unforeseen breakage is a factor.
This is achieved by use of a Shear Pin with a pre-determined shear value.

The SnapperTM Weak Link range includes three standard sizes:

SnapperTM 6,5 – fits standard 6,5Te shackle

SnapperTM 12 – fits standard 12Te shackle

SnapperTM 35 – fits standard 35Te shackle

With a suitable value Shearpin fitted, a SnapperTM Weak Link can also be used in standard lifting operations, where desired.

Design criteria:

Designed according to DnV 2.22 (Standard certification of lifting appliances, June 2013)

NORSOK R-002 (Lifting Equipment, September 2012)

Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) – as applicable


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Snapper™ Weak Link