Manufacturer: OTAQ

The industry standard OTAQ OceanSENSE™ Leak &

Cement Detection System has been field proven on hundreds of offshore jobs in the harshest of environments achieving a detection success rate of close to 100%.

With the dual applications of detecting leaks from subsea oil and gas infrastructure and confirming cement returns during subsea cementing operations, OceanSENSE™ is proven to reduce vessel time and save money.

OceanSENSE™ emits high intensity light at a wavelength specific to the fluorescing dye under detection. The agitated dye emits light at a different wavelength which is detected by OceanSENSE™. The system multiplies this light many thousands of times before analysis and presentation of the data. OceanSENSE™ has a detection capability approximately 50 times that of the human eye and conventional ‘black-light’ detection system.

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