Manufacturer: Tritech

Advanced CHIRP signal processing for

clear and high resolution imagery

The Super SeaPrince DST sets new standards

in sonar technology, offering the same industry

standard features as the Super SeaKing sonar,

in a compact design. Broad band frequency

response from 500kHz up to 900kHz, for

maximum range and higher resolution in a single

channel sonar.

The Super SeaPrince DST is available in two

configurations; single or dual port pressure

housings. Using ARCNET communication the

sonar can run alongside other Tritech products

from the SeaKing range, as well as accepting

inputs from third-party sensors and displaying all

the data on one display.

Built to the highest quality standards and with

a hard boot to protect the transducer, the

Super SeaPrince is specifically designed for

deployment in survey, observation and light work

class ROV applications.

Operation can be achieved using the Tritech

Surface Control Unit (SCU) or SeaHub

connected to a computer via USB. For full

ARCNET communication capability the sonar

can be operated with the Tritech Surface Control

Unit (SCU), or a PC with a Tritech SeaHub. When

used in a stand-alone configuration the sonar can

be run using RS232 or RS485 protocols.


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