The PC-2 Push Core device is designed to be operated by ROV’s to obtain sediment cores in shallow or deep water applications. The push corers consist of a Perspex tube, one way valve and ROV T-bar handle. Traditionally sediment coring is undertaken remotely from surface vessels, however use of an ROV facilitates the ability to take multiple and high quality cores from highly targeted locations with specific seabed types or habitats, for biological, physical or chemical analysis. The corers comprise two separate parts, the core tube with T bar and the corer housing.

A one way valve at the top of the sample chamber allows water to escape as it is replaced by the sediment core. Upon removal from the sediment, the sample is returned to its housing.. At the base of the housing is a tapered, rubber plug which seals the sample within the assembly. Upon recovery to the surface, the T bar and valve are simply removed and the core with its rubber plug are removed from the housing by a simple twist fitting at the base.

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PC-2 ROV Push Corer