LinkQuest UWM 2000H Modem

Manufacturer: LinkQuest

The LinkQuest UWM 2000H Modem has achieved significantly increased data rate (up to 38,400 baud), lower power consumption and unprecedented robustness.

The LinkQuest UWM 2000H Modem performs at a bit error rate of less than  10  which is equivalent to the quality of wire line communication.

LinkQuest’s extensive line of underwater acoustic modems outperform any competing products in technical aspects for both near-vertical, horizontal and extreme horizontal underwater environments.

  • Medium Range, Low Power
  • Omni-directional or directional Transducer
  • Long-range shallow to very shallow water environments with very harsh multi-path conditions
  • Range: Up to 1500 meters
  • Depth: Up to 2000 meters
  • Data Rate: 300 to 1200 bits/sec
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LinkQuest UWM 2000H Modem