K-Chirp Model 3310 Chirp Sub Bottom

Manufacturer: Klein Associates, Inc

The K-Chirp Model 3310 SPB is a “Chirp” sub bottom profiler attachment for the Model 3000 Side Scan Sonar. It mounts directly to the Model 3210 Side Scan towfish and uses the existing physical connections and electrical communications to accommodate this added capability. This option takes advantage of the existing Model 3000 side scan hardware.

The Model 3310 SBP consists of a subsea assembly which contains the transmit projectors, receive hydrophone, and SBP electronics. There are separate transmit and receive elements. These components are enclosed in a fiberglass shroud with an integrated support structure to allow for combined transducer / electronics mounting and towing. The Model 3210 tow vehicle is installed into the rear portion of the shroud assembly where it interconnects with the SBP electronics through a jumper cable.

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K-Chirp Model 3310 Chirp Sub Bottom