Manufacturer: OTAQ

OTAQ Eagle IP™ 180 and 360 cameras deliver an incredible blend of high performance specifications and features in a cost effective package. With market leading field of view (FOV), distortion correction and in vision orbital movement the Eagle IP 180 & 360 cameras enable wide field image capture and manipulation on a previously unobtainable budget.

A single Eagle IP 180 camera gives a highly impressive 180° FOV, while the 360 version generates a full 360° FOV ‘orbital’ image. The software corrects for image distortion and generates ‘back to back’ imagery when deploying the 360 version in a single viewing window.

Via the topside software, the operator has full orbital viewing control removing the requirement of a costly mechanical pan & tilt. The operator can pan, tilt, rotate and zoom within the live video feed with all content in the image viewable.

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Eagle IP 180 & 360 Cameras