NOR-DS-Docking Probe-022022

Docking Probe (latch) is used subsea for a variety of purposes; typical examples are for the secure docking of Tooling Deployment Units (TDU) onto subsea hardware, ROV docking onto subsea structures and large surface deployed tooling such as ROV drills. Typically, they are supplied in pairs and mounted at 1050mm centers. The ToolTec Docking Probe has been designed to be the most compact on the market enabling easy mounting as it does not feature an obtrusive hydraulic cylinder mounted on its rear. Not only is it the smallest on the market, it is also the most powerful with a linear push force of 4,000kg which is substantially higher than its closest competitor. The Docking Probe is designed to be “failsafe” meaning that in the event of hydraulic failure it automatically releases, ensuring that a “dead ROV” is not left locked onto subsea hardware. The Docking Probe engages into the subsea receptacle via 3 latches which make 3 points of contact, ensuring both a secure grip into the receptacle and lower contact stresses, both on the tool and receptacle.

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Docking Probe ISO 13628-8