calibration kit h28A

Manufacturer: Buckleys

The Calibration Kit H28A has been created to provide all the necessary components to enable customers to verify the accuracy of the readings on the Buckleys Contact (UCP 1A) and Proximity Probes (UCP 1B) so that ‘in-house’ verification certificates can be issued. Providing the readings are correct, the silver/silver chloride screw-in half cell should be checked by using K-Series Reference Cells in a standard salt water solution. To confirm the readings, three cells should be used and the sea water corrosion test mixture should be made up to a 3% solution.

Kit comprises:

  • 3 x screw-on K-Series reference electrode cells
  • Sea water corrosion test mixture
  • 3 x Adaptor leads
  • 1 x zinc block
  • 1 x magnesium block
  • Full instructions for ‘in-house’ verification
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Calibration Kit H28A