Tritech Super ZipJet

Manufacturer: Tritech

The all-new Tritech Super ZipJet replaces the successful Tritech ZipJet Ultra range of products.

The Tritech Super ZipJet incorporates many technical advances over the previous generation of ROV suction and jetting systems. These advances are a direct result of customer feedback. Considerable emphasis has been placed on increasing efficiency in both the suction and jetting modes. The Tritech Super ZipJet incorporates several design features which improve its reliability and substantially reduce its maintenance costs.

The Tritech Super ZipJet will not block or jam because there are no moving parts on the dredging side of the system. Power is derived from a stream of high velocity fluid creating a low pressure region behind the suction nozzle. The pump may be rapidly switched from suction to jetting mode.

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Tritech Super ZipJet