Ø35 API 17D Hot Stab

Manufacturer: Blue Logic As

Blue Logic hot stab
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Blue Logics  Ø35 API 17D Hot stab comes in different types and configurations. Hot Stabs for Permanent use, ROV use, with check valves and different pressure ratings. What is important to consider when selecting a Hot Stab is the flow capacity. As the flow increases you will experience pressure loss of the connection. This means that you will have less pressure available to do the hydraulic job. We recommend that the maximum flow of a Ø35 Hot Stab with check valves is approx 30 l/min.

We offer several standard Hot Stab equipment, ranging from Ø35 up to Ø60. The Hot Stabs also come with different port quantities, flow ratings and pressure ratings. Our Hot Stabs are from Blue Logic and they have check valves that prevents them from leaking compensator pressure. They are also available with different locking mechanisms to make sure they are fully installed before applying pressure.

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Ø35 API 17D Hot Stab

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