Red Dye Penetrant

Manufacturer: Red Dye Penetrant

Fluxo P125 – Red Dye Penetrant Sensitivity 2

Conforms to EN ISO 3452-2 Water washable or solvent removable

–    500 ml Aerosol cans
–    Delivery with Certificate of Conformity & Batch Analysis
–    Conform to : ASMA / RCCM/ Nucleaur Quality (Low in Sulphur and Halogens)/ ISO / AMS / ASTM

FLUXO P125 is a stable solution of petroleum distillates (high flash point), non-ionic surfactants and red dyes.

Companion Materials : developer FLUXO R175 remover FLUXO N130 solvent FLUXO S190

Dwell Tim : A 20 minute, or longer, dwell time is mandatory. Contact times are dependent on the component being tested. Dwell time may be shortened down to 10 minutes when only large cracks are sought for, or extended up to several hours for tight cracks. Allow the penetrant to drain from the part.

Removal: Remove the excess penetrant from the surface, being careful not to remove the penetrant tapped in the defects. Rinse under low pressure (50 to 200 kPa), with the nozzle of gun 30 to 40 cm (12” to 16”) from the part, during the shortest time possible, until the red background disappears. If you can’t or don’t want to use water, remove the excess penetrant with solvent FLUXO S190 or remover FLUXO N130.

Drying: Begin drying procedure immediately after water wash. Drying temperature of 70°C is normal for oven drying. Use pressurized air to disperse and remove as much excess surface water as possible before placing part in oven.

Developing: Developers can be applied by spraying or dust storm cabinet. Inspection is normally carried out at least 10 minutes after developing.

Inspection : Parts shall be inspected as per ISO 3059 standard requirements.

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FLUXO P125 – Red Dye Penetrant