FLUXO P578 – Fluorescent Dye Penetrant

Manufacturer: Fluorescent Dye Penetrant

Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
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Fluxo P578 – Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Sensitivity 2 – Conforms to EN ISO 3452-2 Water washable or solvent removable

–    500 ml Aerosol cans
–    Delivery with Certificate of Conformity & Batch Analysis
–    Conform to : ASMA / RCCM/ Nuclear Quality (Low in Sulphur and Halogens)/ ISO / AMS / ASTM


Cleaning: Remove rust, tinder and all contaminations from the part with FLUXO cleaner

Application of Penetrant: Apply FLUXO P578: Application by immersion, spraying, brushing, dipping, etc… Allow to penetrate for at least 10 minutes.

Removal: Remove the excess penetrant from the surface under UV Light, with water. If you can’t or don’t want to use water, remove the excess penetrant with solvent FLUXO S190 or remover FLUXO N130.

Drying: Begin drying procedure immediately after water wash.

Developing: Apply FLUXO developer on the part, achieving a thin and uniform layer.

Inspection: Parts shall be inspected under UV light as per ISO 3059 standard requirements. Surface defects will appear as red or as a fluorescent indication.

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FLUXO P578 – Fluorescent Dye Penetrant

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