NOR Invests in TSS 350 Cable Detection Systems From Teledyne Marine

NOR, a significant provider of rental equipment to the offshore, subsea and renewable energy industries are pleased to announce the addition of multiple TSS 350 systems to their equipment pool making them the first rental company in Norway to own and offer the complete range of TSS HydroPACT systems from Teledyne Marine.

Manufactured at Teledyne Marine’s modern research, development and manufacturing facility in Aberdeen, UK the HydroPACT range comprises the 440 & 660 pulse induction systems and 350 tone-based tracking system.

“Known for their consistent and dependable results, the TSS HydroPACT range are well known to be the go-to tool for the real-time detection and tracking of pipe, cable and UXO (un-exploded ordinance) targets underwater.” said Jostein Jansen, Sales Director at NOR. “The 350 systems have been added due to client demand. Available for use in combination with a 440 or 660 unit or as a stand-alone solution, they provide additional options especially when seeking to find and track small diameter cables and/or identify cable breaks.”

“Typically mounted on a work class ROV the 350 is normally used in conjunction with a tone generator which propagates a tone down the line allowing the system to detect and track the location of the underwater cable. Where a break in continuity exists, the system can accurately pin point the location, aiding subsequent remediation or repair operations.” Explained Ed Cheesman of Teledyne Marine. “We are delighted by NORs ongoing investment in solutions from Teleydne Marine making this equipment more accessible to the global underwater market especially in Norway where domestic demand continues to grow.” For more information on Norwegian Offshore Rentals visit or contact

For more information regarding Teledyne Marine’s range of instrumentation and imaging sensors, visit or contact Ed Cheesman, Senior Manager, Sales & Business Development, Tel: +447920870170, Email:

Photo: Asso Subsea