Say Hello to Our New Sales Manager!

We are excited to announce our new Sales Manager, Jostein Jansen!

He has over 10 years of experience in the offshore industry as a certified ROV pilot with a mechanical-engineering background. Jostein came to us from Deep Ocean 2 years ago where he worked in various positions involving ROVs. This included ROV piloting, project engineer, inspection engineer, and also as a supervisor.

Jostein started with us as an Operations Manager, and quickly took on more and more responsibilities as he demonstrated expertise and excellence in the offshore and subsea industries. Sales became a natural part of his job, and he built relationships with our customers with ease. They have come to depend on him for his expertise and solutions.

He also has a clear idea and vision for ways to better serve our customers.
We look forward to seeing how much more he can achieve in his new role!

If you have any questions or needs regarding offshore and subsea equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact Jostein at