New Managing Director for Norwegian Offshore Rental

NOR is happy to announce that Tore Gautesen, current Port Director at Karmsund Havn, is hired as the new Managing Director for Norwegian Offshore Rental (NOR). Gautesen brings with him solid business experience and the ability to further develop the company.

“I look forward to starting the task and becoming a part of the team that has successfully established Norwegian Offshore Rental as a leading actor within equipment rental for the subsea and renewables industries. With the investments that have been made in equipment, facilities, and talented people, NOR is well equipped to further strengthen their position in the market. I’m looking forward to becoming a part of this,” says incoming Managing Director Tore Gautesen.

The NOR board also thanks Olafur Gislason, the former Managing Director, for ten years of dedicated effort and leadership for Norwegian Offshore Rental. He has led the company through a period of significant growth and progress. NOR is very grateful for the important role Olafur Gislason has played in the development of the company.

Norwegian Offshore Rental has ambitions of sustainable development, growth, and quality. They are proud to be a significant supplier of rental equipment in the North Sea region, and a global supplier to projects around the world. NOR’s commitment to delivering the best possible solutions for their clients remains unchanged.

For more information about NOR’s products and services, visit Norwegian Offshore Rental’s website:

For questions, please contact the chairman of the NOR board, Mads R. Bårdsen: +47 928 80 422,