A Proud Distributor of Impact Subsea Technology in Norway

Impact Subsea’s arrival in Norway this week signified another great adventure on their road to providing wider global reach. Their journey brought them to NOR Offshore Rental, a trusted distributor of their subsea technology.
NOR Offshore Rental is a significant provider of rental equipment to the offshore, subsea and renewable energy industries. We are well-equipped to provide exceptional service to users of Impact Subsea’s sensors in the region, offering options for rental and training as well as technical support. With our expertise and knowledge of subsea technology, we are an essential partner in the industry.
“As a distributor of Impact Subsea, we are honored to play a vital role in their business.  We appreciate their commitment to supporting us as they support users of their sensors,” Jostein Jansen, Sales Manager at NOR Offshore Rental. 

“We are proud to have NOR Offshore Rental as a partner and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them and other distributors worldwide to provide users of our sensors with the best subsea solutions,” said Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea. 
If you are interested in renting Impact Subsea’s technology in Norway, please contact Norwegian Offshore Rental at the following details:
Norwegian Offshore Rental
Eikeskogveien 54
5570 Aksdal
TeL: +(47) 47 47 52 30
E-mail: post@offshorerental.no
Website: www.offshorerental.no

Photo – Left to right: Ben Grant, Paul Guse, Alistair Quinn, Richard Long, Angus Muir, Maxi Rafferty, Craig Thorburn, Lisa Mann, Asser Awaad and Alastair Mclennan-Murray.